Diversity And Equity Resources

Are You or Your Organization Struggling with Issues around Diversity and Inclusion?

Many of us have been navigating new understandings around implicit bias and systemic racism since the untimely and tragic death of George Floyd. There has finally been a nation-wide reckoning that structural racism exists and has held back Black and African American families for centuries.

This level of oppression inhibits Black and African American families from achieving equal access to resources, opportunities, and economic prosperity. So now that you recognize this deep and painful reality for your colleagues, friends, and loved ones – how do you move your company, organization, or self forward?  Ranglin & Associates has a variety of offerings to support you, your team, and your organization through intentional anti-racist change.


We have worked with clients at all stages of their diversity and inclusion journey. No matter where you are on yours, we can help. Get in touch today to assess your readiness for change with a free consultation.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting

Unleashing the power of human potential, while embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion to help people, organization thrive and reach peak performance. 

It’s important for leaders to create safe environments that allow for inclusion,  feedback and opportunities for change and growth. There’s no time to waste on making each and every one of your employees feel heard, accepted, and valued for who they are.

Understanding how to implement a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion framework into your organization can feel like a mountain, but we’re here to help.  Let Ranglin & Associates transform your company by auditing, developing, and implementing anti-racist policies, processes, practices, and procedures that promote justice, ensure equity, integrate inclusion, and ultimately, eliminate racism, micro-aggressions, and structural biases from your business environment.

DEI, Allyship, and Trauma-Informed Training

No community, rich or poor, is immune from trauma. Trauma may be the result of divorce, sexual assault, poverty, gun violence, racism, hunger, childhood neglect, abuse, or a combination of factors. Understanding how our bodies hold onto trauma and how that negatively impacts our trajectories is an integral part of creating an inclusive learning workspace. Ranglin & Associates team of experts have deep, personal, and community investments in helping children, families, and adults overcome trauma and toxic stress. Ranglin & Associates provides training in Trauma Informed Care in the following areas:

  • What is Trauma? -An Overview
  • Approaches to Dealing with Trauma
  • The Impact of Trauma on the Mind, Body, Family and, Community
  • Childhood Traumatic Stress and How to Form Future Relationships
  • Trauma Informed Practices for School Personnel
  • The Intersectionality of Race, Economics, and Trauma
  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Scores and What They Mean 

COVID-19 has exacerbated trauma and toxic stress for individuals, teams, and organizations. Let our team of consultants help you to overcome trauma and put you on the path to a fulfilling life. 

Trauma and Black Lives Matter

Racism and microaggressions have adverse long-term effects on the mental and behavioral health of Black and African American communities. While COVID-19 and racial injustice protests may have brought on new trauma, years of systematic racism, discrimination, and microaggressions have forced Black and African American communities to live in a constant state of high alert, causing traumatic and toxic stress.


Ranglin & Associates team of experts coaches provide:

  • A roadmap on how to be anti-racist
  • Training that addresses how trauma and toxic stress affects the mental, emotional, and physical health of Black and brown communities
  • Training related to the adverse impacts of racial discrimination on Black and brown children, young adults, and their families
  • Strategies to help businesses and organizations better connect with their Black and brown stakeholders
  • Strategies to help businesses and organizations understand their own implicit bias and how those biases impact Communities of Color

Allyship and Accompliceship Training

What does it mean for White people to be effective allies and accomplices to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in our work for racial equity and collective freedom?

Ranglin & Associates leads an intensive, truth seeking workshop designed to explore white privilege, and how white allies can use individual and collective power and privilege to advance racial justice. Workshop(s) are carefully designed to empower and educate individuals on how to practice allyship and accompliceship through intentional acknowledgement, and commitment to create a just and equitable community. Through small groups, one-on-one conversations, and interactive activities, participant(s) will explore ways in which they interact with other individuals and communities, and how we can work together to create a just society.